Registration Completed!


My first three classes are now registered and they are as follows:

Vocation of Ministry CD501:

The following question serves as a guide as we proceed through this course: “How is our vocation as those called to Christian ministry discerned, shaped, and sustained? We’ll seek to answer that question in two ways: (1) by exploring from a Wesleyan perspective the biblical and theological foundations of Christian personhood and vocation and, (2) by examining the nexus between the call to ministry and the formation of persons in ministry.

Basic Christian Doctrine TH501:

An introductory course that bases the theological formation of students upon biblical data as well as upon the classical Christian tradition, contemporary theology, and Wesleyan theological distinctives with a view to helping students grasp the importance of theology for the practice of ministry.

Inductive Bible Study NT(IBS)510 The Book of Matthew:

NT (IBS) 510 Matthew is a basic course in inductive biblical studies. The primary purpose is to create foundational knowledge and skills in an inductive approach to Bible study, especially in the areas of observation and interpretation. The professor and students’ study of the Gospel of Matthew will demonstrate and
allow practice of a methodical approach that can be utilized in all other biblical books. Some of the main themes of Matthew’s Gospel are highlighted in the inductive Bible study process.

I wanted to take classes that weren’t too taxing to start off with.  I figured if I tried to start with an ancient Greek or Hebrew class in my first semester it would end in disaster.  A fellow student recommended the above classes.  While the Inductive Bible Study class may prove to be a real challenge, I thought it was important to feed my spiritual growth with at least one class per term.  This class should also help my study skills for future classes.

I’d love to hear feedback from anyone that might have had any of these classes in the past.

Have a blessed day!

– Jason

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