Week 4/5 Update.

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Just wanted to take a moment and give a small update. I’ve been super busy with class work, family, friends, church, and work. Things are going very well. We’ve all settled into a balance that is working for everyone. My grades are much better than I ever would have expected. I’m not so much focused on getting A’s for the sake of getting A’s, but more to be an indicator that I am learning the materials that are presented.

The classes I’m currently taking are pretty amazing. I’m learning concepts that I didn’t even know existed. I’m debating theological doctrine that is way above my pay grade. I’m learning to study the Bible as theologians do. It’s all pretty heady stuff, and I never thought it would be possible for me.

This week Jennifer and I met one of my professors. We had a wonderful conversation about life and God and also found out he was on the committee that approved my exemption to attend the seminary without a bachelors degree.

Which leads me to why I’m here…why I’m doing the impossible. I’m here because of you, my partners. You saw a need, you gave willingly, cheerfully, and immediately. God took what you were giving and multiplied it. He used you as the spark to do a miracle in my life. Just as Jesus took the lunch of a small childtwo small fish and five rollsand fed 5,000, he has performed what I could never hope to attempt.

You accepted the call to give your lunch (money) to Asbury Theological Seminary in my name. You have created waves that will reach the distant shores of God’s kingdom in ways that neither your nor I can possibly imagine. I am forever grateful.

May God bless you and your generosity.